About the Initiative


If passed into law, the Decriminalize Denton 2022 Ballot Proposition would:

  • Eliminate all citations and arrests for possession of misdemeanor amounts of marijuana (cannabis), except in some limited circumstances

  • Prevent Denton police from giving citations for drug paraphernalia in lieu of a possession of marijuana charge

  • Prohibit Denton police from using the odor of marijuana or hemp as probable cause for search or seizure

  • Save our city valuable law enforcement resources and municipal court resources, including labor and filing costs. This initiative would also ban costly THC testing.

All City of Denton voters will be able to vote on the Decriminalize Denton Ballot Proposition in the 2022 November election, from Early Voting in October through Election Day on November 8th, regardless of whether or not they signed the original petition.

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The "Texas Two-Step"

This initiative is a two-step process, and thanks to your help we have already completed the First Step: getting enough valid petition signatures to qualify for the November ballot!

The Second Step is getting to the polls and voting YES to the Decriminalize Denton Ballot Proposition on or before Election Day, November 8 2022.

Then the proposition becomes LAW!

Official Language

Below is the official language for the proposed ballot initiative. You can also download this official language sheet here.


For voting info/resources: votedenton.gov