About Decrim Denton

Decriminalize Denton is a nonpartisan, community-funded organization that aims to responsibly decrease, and eventually eliminate, all legal penalties for adult possession of personal amounts of cannabis in the City of Denton through grassroots organizing.

Officially forming in 2020, we are a group of community organizers, former/current UNT, TWU, Denton ISD students, and drug policy reform advocates in Denton, Texas. A handful of our members were once part of the now-defunct Denton NORML, which existed in the early 2010s. We are proud to be the only active cannabis law reform group in the city of Denton.

We originally started as campaign launched by the University of North Texas' Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter and together, we successfully lowered drug penalties on campus via student government.

In recent years we spent significant time lobbying for minor cannabis policy reform through Denton City Council, but our attempts came up short in Council work sessions.


We started gathering signatures for our November 2022 ballot initiative in mid-February of 2022. We reached our internally-verified minimum threshold (2,100 signatures) on April 21st.


In Q1 2022, we began a partnership with Ground Game Texas, who are working on similar petition-ballot initiatives all over Texas.

We've been featured in a number of news articles, broadcasts, posts, and podcasts including: