Arrests & Citations

City police can arrest you for having anything over 2oz. of weed. Anything less than  2oz. gets you a ticket.

   NO Arrests & NO Citations

City police will be prohibited from arresting or citing people for any misdemeanor amount of weed, i.e. anything less than 4oz.* 

                  Stop & Sniff 

City police can decide to stop & frisk you if they think you smell like weed. 

            NO Stop & Sniff 

City police will be prohibited from using "the smell test" to Stop & Frisk. 

    Paraphernalia Citations

If city police can't find weed on you, they can issue you a  citation for paraphernalia in  

paraphernalia lineup.png

   NO Paraphernalia Citations

City police will be prohibited from issuing people citations just for having legal "paraphernalia."

paraphernalia lineup.png
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Wasting Your Tax Dollars
              on THC Testing

The city spends ridiculous amounts of money testing people's personal stashes for THC content to see if they can arrest you or not.

        Spending Your Taxes on        Real Public Needs Instead!

Public money should be spent to help the public, not wasted on harming them!

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